About Us


The Central Valley Water Awareness Committee

The Central Valley Water Awareness Committee (CVWAC) is comprised of a number of public agencies and private companies that work to provide portions of California’s San Joaquin Valley with safe and reliable water for their customers while encouraging sound water conservation and pollution prevention practices for everyone.

CVWAC’s members are dedicated to helping improve appreciation of the importance of water, educate about where it comes from and how it is beneficially used to help ensure the quality of life in the Valley.

California’s first statewide Water Awareness Committee was established in 1987 by the Association of California Water Agencies, the California Department of Water Resources and the Water Education Foundation. Its role was to sponsor events and activities that educate the public and raise awareness of how high-quality water is delivered to homes and farms. Local agencies were then encouraged to develop their own water awareness programs.

Under the leadership of the Fresno Irrigation District, our regions many water agencies and organizations created what soon became known as the Central Valley Water Awareness Committee.

CVWAC’s role today is as it was in the beginning. It produces an annual campaign to promote Water Awareness Month each May along with other events and activities throughout the year. The Committee has emphasized water related needs and issues, both urban and rural within Fresno County and the central San Joaquin Valley.